How to Get Maximum Speed on 2.4 Ghz

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Hello All,

I am using Airtel fiber and i get 120 mbps speed on 5Ghz but on 2.4 Ghz i only get 40 mbps speed.

As per the 802.11n standard maximum achievable speed is 150 mbps. But i get only 40 mbps

Anyone knows the settings to achieve higher speed?

This is my router settings.

That 150 mbps is the theoretical max speed. You will never get anything close to it in real life.


have you seen what speed your device is synced at? I am guessing it’s 72 mbps

I am seeing the same results for mine:

This is on 2.4 ghz


And this is on 5 ghz


Same device and same location

why does it say bandwidth 20 MHz even though 40 MHz is selected? That might make some difference

if it’s a computer/laptop where you are using it, it’s much easier/cheaper to upgrade to 5ghz WiFi than trying to increase these speeds
I have a old laptop which doesn't support 5ghz. I don't want to spend money buying some additional gadgets as i may buy new laptop after few months.

I'm just looking for an work around to incraese 2.4 ghz speed? I believe we can achive atleast up to 80 to 90 mbps with 2.4. ghz network.
Change the “OBSS Coexistence” setting to “Off”. Your router should use 40Mhz bandwidth instead of 20Mhz.

I have faced this thing earlier, in Netgear routers, there is an option called “Enable 20/40Mhz coexistence” which means that router will automatically switch between 20/40 Mhz bandwidth’s based the less interference.

From the attched image the Bandwidth says 40Mhz but still the current is 20Mhz, so change the OBSS setting and you should receive 90+ speeds provided your link speed is 150Mbps.
300 mbps is the theoretical speed and maximum real life speed is 150 mbps.

But i am expecting atleast 70 to 90 mbps.

You might want to invest in a decent Wi-Fi mesh system. That system will extract maximum benefit from your connection and you should be able to see the full potential even on 2.4 GHz if my understanding is right.

I think this OBSS coexistence feature will vary from router to router. After reading here, checked my config on Nokia 2425-g, found no such setting, the frequency could be easily set to 20, 40 or 20/40(this could be OBSS) but no dedicated option.
I changed it to 40. Earlier speeds were 50mbps, post changing it rose to 90 Mbps.