How to open ports on Kerala Vision Broadband?

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Does anyone know if Keralavision opens port upon request ?
I host a Plex server at home and can’t seem to find ports that are open !
@RahulJ KV uses CG-NAT and opening port is not possible. You will have to buy static IP from them if you need open ports.
I had taken static IP from KV. You need to pay 1 year deposit of 1K or 1.5K, along with KYC forms. Then your plan will automatically change to a INR 1000+ per monthly one.

I moved away from KV due to their "network quality" during lock down days and with mighty BSNL FTTH now.
1k is one time payment to activate your static IP. Then every month you will have to pay 1000/+

@vu3knb hi,keralavision has opened up three ports for me they send it over as an email with the public ip and open ports and subscriber code , how do I enable these on my router, I forwarded the ports but the public ip doesn’t match the one they send
@RahulJ In this case they have mapped the specific ports in private IP to a particular public IP. Your outbound traffic will be served through a different public IP. Did you try opening the ports and checked if they are reachable over the provided public IP?
@Gokul Kannan I think the port forwarding I did was right , the thing is my plex server keeps identifying a WAN IP and public IP mismatch , most likely due to the CGNAT that Kerala vision is using. I asked the LCO and he seemed stunned when i told him its because of CGNAT .

Has anyone used the Kerala vision Static IP , does it solve the CGNAT issue ?