How to set up bridge mode on ZTE F660?

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Hi All,

Sorry, I have posted in wrong forum earlier (in different Hathway forum).
Need some advise from you on how can i setup ZTE F660 provided by Hathway as bridge mode, so i can use it with my own Wifi router.

In LAN,I am getting 100Mbps as per my plan, but with ZTE F660, mostly I am getting 9-10Mbps, and max 20-25Mbps.
I have asked Hathway to provide me a media converter instead of so called FREE Wifi router, but the response was, no, they can't.
You should be able to delete all WAN profiles and it by default goes to bridge mode.

If you can share a screenshot of the management UI, would be able to confirm.
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There is no option to delete WAN profiles. Only one user in the router.

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@homelybore follow the below option to view & delete the WAN connection.


@varkey - I want to achieve the same config. Internet doesn't work even after deleting the WAN profile & configuring the static IP on the Firewall that's connected to the F660. Kindly help.
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@alfiabraham , the same page in my router is locked, i.e. can't create or delete the connections.
However, what I have done now is, assigned a static IP to my own Wifi router's WAN which connects to F660, and I am able to get internet. But the problem is, it's dual NAT, one NAT in F660 and one NAT in my router. If I turn off, NAT in my router for the WAN link, i am not getting internet.
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I had to call Hathway technical team and they setup the ONT in bridge mode for me! It's not possible for us to do it from our end, I guess.

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@tellanand Yes, tech support called me, gave me his personal number to contact him the next day when I am available!

@homelybore - I got mine configured in bridge mode. Now I am able to configure the purchased Public Static IP from Hathway to any Wireless Router / Firewall by connecting LAN1 from ZTE F660 to my device.
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