Internet stops working at night

So, I've been getting this problem from a week now. Everyday my internet stops working at 10pm to 9 am. I don't know the reason and I also want to mention that it's also at the same time when the temperature hits minus. So maybe that could be the reason but my neighbours are having no such problems. I'll be sharing the screenshot of the optical status of night time and day time. If anyone could help or is going through the same thing. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Have you tried keeping it isolated ? Like in a box or in a cupboard. Basically not allowing heat to escape
Like I have seen this happen a lot in Western countries . Like people in Reddit have reported this stuff . It can be due to moisture and the difference which occurs between hot and cold temperatures

So trying to reduce the temperature difference between two times of a day can help you I guess . I read about it a few days back. Will share the link if I get it . The basic rule is to keep moisture away from the electronics
Here is the status:
The time is shown in the screenshot

Temperature has no role to play in your case. The optics temps are not even close to 0 degree. After seeing your stats, i wonder how does your connection even work during the daytime? For both the Screenshots you're breaching the signal upper range for a stable connection. Raise an issue and get you fiber line and modem inspected. The optimal signal should at all the times should be less than -7dbm and not more than -27dbm. Also ask the engineer to check the power of the fiber line from exchange.
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