irregular failure in webpage opening

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Still facing problems .. bad server maintenance 😡
anyone got any solution or any positive feedback from BSNL? I am tired facing this slow and irregular browsing speed. Tech person who visited my place failed to solve and tried to sell me "virus" crap. But as many people facing same problem ... it is time to make a serious complain to BSNL. Please advice where to lodge a complain which will knock BSNL hard 😡
I am also having the same kind of problem in Kolkata. I am using Firefox3 and opendns, but still facing the problem. Don't know what to do?
Scanned my PC, no virus detected.I am sure that this is a problem from BSNL's side and moreover I think only the new customers with IP range of are facing this problem.
Is this problem now solved in Kolkata ? The reason I'm asking is that I'm facing very similar problems (to arnab_g) in Shiliguri for the past week or so. More specifically, Many sites load erratically (i.e. load sometimes, and fail at others), or fail to load at all (timed out). e.g. Yahoo mail seldom loads these days, or takes too long if it at all works. Long downlods fail because the stream stops altogether during download. BSNL CC is no help ("wait for a day or two, and see if it improves", which it never does). I don't think it is my system, since it was working fine on 15/1/09. Then the broadband connection was totally dead for a couple of days. I'm facing this problem since it came back up. Also, so many others are facing very similar issues. Don't know when, or if at all, it will get resolved!

The problem remains same and getting worse!! CC not helping at all. If this will continue for 1 more week ... I will disconnect BSNL and go to consumer court. If anyone from Kolkata wants to join me, WELCOME