Is BSNL FTTH worth it ?

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In my city we've got 2 fiber options availaible to us, one is BSNL another is a Local ISP, I've been using the later for nearly 3 yrs now. I've got 2 connections one is 15Mbps UL another is 50Mbps upto 180GB then 3Mbps also the ISP loses it sometimes and gives us 1Gbps for days. I was planning to get rid of 15Mbps UL for 900/month, and getting BSNL 1277/month plan for 100Mbps. Is BSNL any good. 50Mbps plan is being upgraded from 180GB to 200GB & 5Mbps Post-FUP soon so i on't be streaming much on BSNL either way unless its an emergency.Mainly I'll be using BSNL for Gaming purposes that to n EU servers. Currently i Get around 80ms in Singapore servers and 120-140ms in EU servers also 32-60ms in Indian CS Servers. I live in the far North in the state of Uttrakhand, so have no clue as to how their routing looks, but they don't seem to have many connection so they're barely getting stressed.
80ms to Singapore and 120~140ms to EU ? 🤔
did you try any gaming VPN like ExitLag etc while playing on Singapore Servers ? you could get it reduced like 45~70 depending on the Location you live. 120~140 ms seems ok for EU, you won't get much better than that. I would say avoid BSNL for gaming cause their Routing is BS and also i noticed a few times that the Routing changes real time 🤣. once again things might change from Location to Location, So i would say why not have a check on BSNL if anybody around your Area is using it.
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My question was about BSNL but anyway, is BSNL stable enable to stream on then ?
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@sahshivam, you could post the exact ip of the server's. Other members from your home state or nearby could test their ping and share it with you.

Bsnl does great for streaming Netflix 4k etc.

Bsnl recently had some major ping issues. It mostly is now resolved in my case. (you could check other threads for details.)
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