Mtnl Broadband Some Sites Not Opening Or Getting Stuck

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Hi I am using MTNL WI-FI router. This is connected to my desktop directly and to laptop through wireless. The following problemI am having this problem with both the computers if I use connection with them separately or together. This problem was also when I usedD-link router previouslyI have Linux-Mepis loaded on my desktop and Windows on my Dell NotebookI am MTNL Triband Unlimited 256 KBPS plan subscriber. Some of the sites are not opening at al and some sites just get stuck.For example the Citibank site does not open at all.My Idea Mobile site also does not open when I try to make payment.Yahoo mail (Old and New both) does open but it gets stuck if I click any mail in the inbox.I am also able to try to go to yahoo groups but cannot read the post or change my account settings.These are some of the sites where I have seen this problem. I called 1504 but they said I should contact with the site help line, as this is problem with siteNot MTNL.But I am able to open these sites in cyber cafe.Same time when these sites are stuck other sites are opening just fine like rediffmail, Youtube etc.I don’t know what is causing this. Please advise
check your tcp/ip properties. set the dns server to your router address.
Call 1504 after all they charging you 1300 deposit & 150 pm for this wifi thing so let them install it!
It seems as if they block there own sites 😛 .Now this is the height of poor service. The MTNL broadband usage site has been down for 2 weeks now.... I haven't seen my usage since then. DataFox also not working :angry: .
DataFox won't work till the site is not up/accessible...

Ya, I know that... DataFox retrieves its records from the MTNL site...But I don't even remember the last record I saw, and if there was a cache thing in DataFox, it could at least display the last record it retrieved in case the site was down or there was no connection.
delhi site down again?? the delhi site is down most of the time!we mumbai guys are lucky, the site is hardly down. 🙂
Finally, i was able open d Delhi site today (after at least 3 weeks or sumthin)Dis dite is almost everytime down.Last time dat it took more than 30 min for logging in :angry: