Mtnl Triband Down For The First Time


Chewer of Gum
HiI was wondering if anyone else has faced downtime on MTNL where the ADSL light does not even blink, forget about staying steady. The Log says ADSL carrier is down. My telephone works great. This is the first time I've faced this problem. If anyone knows why this is caused please tell me what the reason can beCheersChewP.S. My other 590 connection has been downgraded from 2mbps to 256kbps after about a week of high speeds.
may be fault in ur modem router
a splitter problem ... try replacing it with ur friends splitter n see if it works
Yesterday night, I facxed the problem. The ADSL connection could not be made. The ADSL light would blink, try to connect and then give up. Then it would repeat the process. The other lights were working fine. This morning, however, the connection was back up.
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Yesterday night, I facxed the problem.[/b]

How did you fix the problem ?
It's a exchange prob ever since this 2mbps thing is introduced most of mtnl dsl connection i have seen have gone unstable from time to time.

if ur connexion is unstable .... change ur adsl modulation to G.dmt type ..... it increased my stablity ... the connex doesnt even go down now ... earlier when the 2mbit upgrade was going on ... it wud disconnect every 10-15 mins