Never buy slim PCs

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Okay so you wanna buy a PC/ your father wanna gift you a PC and he consults some IT dealer about some 'good-enough' PC who considers your father as potential customer and not you in his and suggests a sub 30000 INR Slim-Tower PC.

It looks sleek, slim and very avatar of Apple designs but don't you fall in its looks because Apple might sell you a cheese shreeder which might a value for money for you but these are just an ultimate money shredder no matter how they are, made by Dell and HP in hell.

First of all even in post 2015-2016, they make 2 GB RAM builds, second assorted selection of least reliable and non-upgradable cheap-ass components.

Oh you thought you might add a cheap 10 yr old slim-ass GFX card which could fit right in , oh the dreams, their PSUs are 80-100 Watts only.

Wanna upgrade hardisk? Ehh you innocent soul they could fit only 1 hard disk.

Cooling System shivers --> be careful if you open their case a little here and there and their fan case destabilizes, giving you coldest possible heart attack. ( Overheated and restart twice today ..phewwww)


BUT DAMN A COUPLE OF TWO, I have both Dell and HP

Dell one died after 4 years, somehow it got cursed by unholy spirits of damned and no matter what hDD I put in, it failssss. (5+ x 3 TB HDD failure experience).
Today, I tried to just for the luck's test tried to test those failed HDD in that cursed Dell in different Tower-based PC which is 10+ yr old and voila win7 booted but....pheww..even reinstalling new windows made system speed go slow and as soon I swapped that poor cursed HDD oput, system was back to blazing speeds.

HP --> mostly a copy cat design , I feel like I have committed a sin by making electronics components feel what it's like to live in a Mumbai/NYC appartment...hp is also giving me trouble after 4 yrs.

So here's the simple budget based PC buying guide:

Wanna buy a PC for work sub 30000 : NO
|==>BUT EXCEPTIONS ? : Ok you poor soul if your Work is just filling online forms or selling pirated DVDS or printing college students notes and fake dissertations or just typing work on MS Office 2003/2007 or basic data entry work.

A respectable Work PC is always 45K+ InR (45-60k is reasonable)
==>You might not buy a latest intel i9 but in these days have 16 GB of RAM and 3 TB of HDD at minimum(3+1 as backup)

MAYBE OKAY FOR A KID?: Helllllll NO, unless you are a sadist , you are doing great disservice to your KID and might be hampering their learning opportunities.
( One of my nephew's father has given her a 10 yr old VAIO netbooks which just halts and halts and halts , I asked her why she doesn't use Youtube to learn things..dang Youtube rarely works without hangs on that thing)

WHY? : Your <30K INR Build has lots of taxes as INDIA is very tax heavy on electronics and commissions in it, any 30 K build has 18-22 K quality in my mind .

Amen! ;-;

PLUS, you won't be able to UPGRADE those, so not good for long term purchase.

My Towers PC(s) from 2005-2009 era, lasted me 15 yrs atleast without hiccups and were easily upgrade-able and repairable and your slim-tower won't be as maintainable and value for money like them.
I'm still rocking a 4770k build with GeForce 780.
Planning for a upgrade, hopefully will do after lockdown.
I'm planning to go for AMD this time around.
What's your budget and what CPU will you go for?