Official Protest For MTNL Triband 590 NU Users

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Me Too......
This Speed Limiting is unfair......Why 256Kbps for us...
Atleast let us have 2Mps during Day time and 256 kbps during the unlimited time......

no, we should get 2MBPS during unlimited period also......

we people should have approached consumer court because MTNL showed that 2MBPS is not for Unlimited and Time Based Plans.. It nowhere stated it's not for NU users. But now, its too late. They have removed the picture saying so...
oh every major isp do that.
First MTNL folks introduced 2MBPS speed and then they withdrew it...didn't they know guys will use the unlimited night time to download stuff..Not sure who is making all those calculation up there..but its obvious they were losing money giving free download OR what is in for MTNL to not give us 2 mbps connection???We don't mind paying reasonable amount of money for 2 mbps..but why don't they just give it..Probably a network guy could make us these things work and to whom MTNL pays money for its connection..All in all...its depressing to download stuff once you had the taste of 2 mbps..
What happened to the "Official Protest"? Where is deep_nx? Sab kuch 2 din ka khel tha kya 😛?
Hi friends and Apoorv Khatreja i am here i regularly check this thread ...i dont play 2 days game i am very dedicated guy my friendanywayz right now i am searching for contacts to MTNL authorities which i am not getting very well.My cousin is a 590NU user he is getting 2MBPS he lives in 3 blocks next to me so i am checking his line aswell . dont know what change has been maade into his A/C . but i make him download what all i need and check how does he get 2MBPS and we dont .It is strange but true.i think the best way to do this is media or BULK mail MTNL authorities the fact that is itiching me alot is the BSNL tariff rates .. dirt cheap.. rates for villages ??? and we have to pay 590bucks + tax for CRAP !i really hate this thing it irritates me dai;y believe me Apoorv Khatreja i think of something everyday on this topic.
My cousin is a 590NU user he is getting 2MBPS he lives in 3 blocks next to me

When did your cousin got 590Nu connection ?

yes believe me stuge he has it my eyes were amazed to see him download @ 214kbps ! since 2 weekswe chkd the website his plan shows 590 NU but i still havent figured it out why is he gettin 2mbps u just heard abt this and got curious ... i see him download dat fast imagine how i feel 🙁 he just lives 3 blks away mannn !
he has been synced to 2 mbps my mistake. many users including me were synced to 2 mbps. it will last only for a few weeks, then he'll be downgraded to 256 kbps again. i enjoyed 2 mbps for 3 months! (though i hardly ever used my net in those months 🙁)
m njoyin 2 mbps NU since 4 months
Congrats Dude .I hope it stays that way 🙂

deep_nx:I think your cousin is lucky to get 2mbps ,but at the same time I feel that we alll should get 2mbps because at the same rate BSNL users are getting more than us .