One Crore MB

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Originally posted by skfg60@Jul 17 2005, 05:58 PM
Exactly that. I have tried mirc once but failed to use it properly. Everything is available on http: a little bit earlier/ a little bit later. Why should I go to irc. Second point is you need a speedy connection to do that. I don't understand how this two guys were doing all this in indian scenario., broadband has just came.
However there are many fosi. I know someone who never deal anything except software & he has a website for a long. Recently a second fosi had started a website named mythcrew, claiming his site is real myth site & busted.

hey, you got it all wrong.. i rarely use irc for d/loading stuff... use it for chatting.. it is extremely low in resources and works fine on a dial-up... hey ppl even use p2p programmes on dial-up which just hog most of the resources of the machine... anyway, this is most probably my last post on this particular topic (yep someone will say that i have accepted defeat.. then so be it) 😉
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