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one of the folks from bsnl callled me up today to ask about the speeds i was getting (in response to a complaint made two days back). pleasantries over, i told him about the unlimited d/loads offered by `mtnl' which he said he did not know. when told about the press release that appeared in the `business standard' of 7th july.. he said that he did not know that too. when i told him why did they stop the unlimited transfers, he said that many persons wrere using too much bandwidth... `saar a few people have been d/loading continuously and some of them have d/loaded more than one crore mb' 😀 Pupudada!
thats like 9765.625 GBor 9.5367431640625 TBno single person can download this much data
Some BACKUP calculation1 crore mb = 100,00,000 mb = 10,000 gb = 😱 Hope the guy is not storing so much of data on hard disks only.Even if he does then he requires around 130 nos. 80 GB HDD and must be really rich.Coming to other options (I have ignored tape drives)4 GB (approx.) = 1 DVD = 7 CDsSo 10,000 GB = 2,500 DVDs = 17,500 CDs.1 CD = Rs.10 (approx)17,500 CDs = Rs. 1,75,000/- (Rs. one lakh seventy five thousand)1DVD = Rs.40 (approx.)2,500 DVDs = Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rs. one lakh)TIME TAKEN TO BACK UP ?I don't have the time to calculate that.Pupupada pl. help me.
i know people who download more than 5 gigs a day... in 6 months how much would that come to?and ofcourse, much of the downloaded material is deleted after watching it once or twice 😛
Originally posted by pupudada@Jul 15 2005, 06:37 PM
`saar a few people have been d/loading continuously and some of them have d/loaded more than one crore mb' 😀 Pupudada!
ROFL thats excatly the way the speak , they have no info of anything ..dunno where BSNL seraches for people like this for their CTO...Must have been a tuff search for such xtra ordinary people :huh:

@sushubh...its really impossible to downlaod 5 gigs in a day on a 256 kbps connection ..the max u can download if the full speed is avialable is 2.5 gis...5 gis a day requires a 512kbps connection atleast
at 256Kbps it would be a max of 2700MB ber day or about 80GB a month.60x60x24x30=2592000secs a month2592000 x 256Kbps / 8B /1024B =81000MB a monthI think a download limit is fair , but 1 GB is stupid.

funny man!!!this only shows how much knowledgable they are about the "broadband"...and someone here was asking me to see the positive side and not curse them 😛
Most of them knows nothing about what a gigabyte is or how much can be downloaded on what type of connection. I feel that talking to most of them is just a wastage of time.
and just for records sake, i have got the entire thing recorded... moral of the story.. if you need idiots.. look no further.. bsnl's has got lots of them with many more to spare 😉 Pupudada!p.s.: i plan to go and talk to him face-to-face tomorrow.. hmm dumeter shows total traffic from the 1st of july till now as 357.01mb.. guess i'm safe.. bill for the month of june has arrived.. fair enuff.. 500 for bb rental and 100 for modem rental (huge sigh)
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