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Well I did download about 2 TBI am on 2mbitand I think I totally leeched these BSNL peopleConsistently I was getting 14 gb a day for 4 monthsand yeah I downloaded everything ... just about everythingyeah I know what is the next questionWhere did I put itI got 2 external hdd 400gb seagate and 500 gb lacieand in mac power pc about 500 gb total of about 1.5 tbrest of the data I burnt on DVD's🙂If you all are in so much of pain without downloadingthink of mine 😀anyways I have a strong intutionnight thing is comingmy fingers are crossedBobby
what did u download 😛
ya it would be interesting to know, what did bobby download?Bobby what are your souces for download, just enlighten us.
Well you name it and I have downloaded itBut mostly books and videos on MAGIC ..all top running hollywood movies even hindi ones .. but those I usually see and delete .. they are not keepers ..allmost all of MAC appssome mac games2-3 pc games like grand theft autoand really allmost all medical books whereever I can find themjust for the infoI am member of MEDiSO rls grp .. that is a scene grpand I have access to private servers from where I download this stuffsome torrentsites toomy favourites are and filelist.orgI think both of them are invite onlyp.s yeah I did download those movies too 😛 so now relax 🙂

Bobee, do send us "ALL" some invites when v get the NU plan. 😛 Many usually maintain a ratio of 1. 😛 So that shouldnt b a big problem.I guess u shd be relaxin a lottttttttt nowadays with those films !!!! Enjoy !!!Btw, tat was TOO MUCH of sucking BSNL during the offer period !!!!! Wat dya do online nowadays ???
Quote " Wat dya do online nowadays ??? "Vikikivi !!!Obviously as everyone else dogoto dataone adminstration sitefire the calculatorand count the bytes which I have downloadednothing better .. 🙁and before everyone start telling me about dumeter and stuffthey are all very goodbut are far from realitythey will never match the dataone site exactly my experience dumeter allways showed more then what I actually downloaded ...
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