One Doubt on the UNLIMITED scheme

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Hello,I am new here,a Bangalorean...Actually TataIndicom BB has a new scheme (for Post Paid ) which was added in November - > "Unlimited - New Infinity 256" ( 256 kbps )...previously they had only 64 and 128 kbps for unlimited schemes.Suppose if I take this type of connection i.e New Infinity 256....Can I SHARE the Net connection for 5 computers i.e what I mean to say is....Will those Unlimited 64/128/256 schemes allow SHARING of internet over the network?(we all know, they give conn. to ONE system)By the way, anyone using those unlimited schemes? If yes, can you share it over your network? And how will be the download speed for each computer?
Yup u can share internet over ur network. If u have router than it will be easy for u . U can share net by using dhcp. If u have usb modem than i suppose u will need a lan card if u want to share internet.
Speed will be equally divided. And Airtel need not know that you are sharing the connections 😉.
Originally posted by hitman@Dec 7 2005, 07:19 PM
Yup u can share internet over ur network.

I know we can share internet over a network 😀 but my main worry was whether that 'New Infinity 256' allows sharing or is sharing not allowed in that scheme.....

by the way, right now I hv the Volume based scheme...2GB free.....and i want to change over...

and if i go for Infinity 256...if Network sharing is possible( this is important) much will each system get....256 divided by 5 = 51 kbps 🙁
There is nothing that sharing is allowed or not....if u want do it urself but the point is your speeds are goind to be divided. If you have a volume based plan its really going to be a pain so switching to a UL plan shall suit
Oh..If the speeds are gonna get divided for a 256kbps connection for over 5 computers... 🙁 ..then is it a good option for our office.....if it takes ages to open up mails, web sites then all our work would go for a toss.....coz right now ours is 512 takes a couple of seconds to open yahoo/rediff etc on the client system...Now I wonder how much of minutes the same thing will take to open (on a client system) with a 256kbps conn. on the server system? Any guesses...

the bandwidth is used if all the five computers are using the net. it does not divide automatically. 512 is good enough for regular surfing on a small number of computer. just avoid downloading big files when many users are simultaneously online.
its best to add traffic shaping so irrespective of the number of computers using the net, each computer is going to get only a specific amount of bandwidth.
but u waste bandwidth if their are not enough users using the other computers.
Originally posted by Sushubh@Dec 7 2005, 09:46 PM
512 is good enough for regular surfing on a small number of computer.

so then..what about it good for normal surfing, mail checking on 5-6 computers or do we hv to wait for ages 😀 to check mails, open sites etc
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