Open VPN Server using Airtel Xstream

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Hello Everyone,

I am from Hyderabad and recently started using Airtel Xstream. This is by far the best internet service in my area. But I am having some issues with creating an OpenVPN server using my Asus Router. The router mentions a possible Double NAT issue when creating DDNS and that this could affect my VPN services and cloud services.

I have read others mention that setting up the main router in bridge mode will eliminate all these issues. I currently have been given a Nokia Router where bridging looks like an impossible task. So my Airtel technician has agreed to replace the Nokia Router with a Huawei Router. From my understanding of other forums, the Huawei router is better for bridging.

I currently have a static IP as I was told by someone that we need static IP for Open VPN Server. I want to know if this is absolutely necessary as creating DDNS should eliminate the need for static IP. Also, I have some others mention that Static IP will create issues when bridging. So I am confused. I am not a super technical person but I used to use the same router in the US and everything was so easy.

Below is my current setup:

  • Airtel Xstream 200mbps connection.
  • Asus Router attached to Nokia Router. (Nokia Router to be changed to Huawei)
  • Static IP already set up. (Please tell me if this is needed or if it will create an issue)

Please help friends.

Thank you very much.
Thank you very much. I used the Huawei router. The Bridge Wan mode was straightforward. For others who might be interested. Below is what I did using tips from others in the forum:

  • Deleted all WAN profiles. Created a New profile.
  • In WAN: Changed mode to Bridge Mode.
  • VLAN ID: used "100" in Huawei Router.
  • In Asus router: input PPPOE user id and password
  • In Asus router: used VLAN id as 100 and tagged.

Thats it. Hope this helps others.
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