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Aitel U/L 512kbps
If you can't get bittorrent to work for you, try this new appeXeem_http://www.exeem.comEven lets you search for torrents frm within the app. But there is only one problem, you can't block the ads it shows in the program using HOSTS enteries. It recognises them and asks u to remove them. If u don't, then ur speed is forced down to 5kbps.or go for Limewire Pro. Best P2P app there is. Get turbocharged speeds with the pro version.Can't give out the link here and its not a free software!! If u want the link PM me. Its frm the official site!! 😀
Or try Peer2Mail. Its a bit complicated though.
exeem is closed standard and worse comes with ads which are affliated to networks not very popular...
I use Limewire free version and it works excellently on my 48 kbps pack. I usually get anywhere from 6kBps to 9 kBps on it.
@ Sushubh ==> Try the clean versions of eXeem
Try searching for Clean eXeem.
I found everything I wanted on eXeem. Its the easiest way to work with torrents. Its community is small though and the official version s*cks big time.

@ srikanthmsp ==> Limewire sure does work on Sify.

@ inetbum==> Try the pro version. PM me for the link if you want it. I get 16 kbps on my 64K pack.

I even tried the latest version of Morpheus.Simply eats the resources. Initially I found it to be quite nice but then I dumped it and switched over to Limewire Pro. Its damn fast and you can find everything that you can find on torrent sites.
I have tried both Kazaa and Limewire-both dont work on my sify broadband conn.Can anybody help here which ports I must ask my CTO to unblock.
ok here is a new rule. every profanity gets you a 2 day ban. adding it into the rules. reason being, i have removed the bad words filter. so now members have to control themselves.
i do not read computer magazines. but are you saying they mentioned me in this month's issue?