Reliance Jio Fiber experience in DLF, Gurgaon

So I am a long-time user of Airtel, most recently using their VFiber 24 Mbps plan for ~300 GBs paying around 1100 post taxes. Got the call for Jio since I had signed up on their site long back, and they had put the wires under the road sometime last year. Here is my experience:

  • Got the call on Saturday. Asked the salesman to visit once, he came in ~15m. Showed me their box and explained the plans. I booked it there and then, paid online for the Bronze Plan + Tax + 2,500 (1,000 is the security iirc, rest was installation).
  • Technicians came today and installed, took them about ~2 hours since I'm on the 1st floor. Probably the most chill experience I had with any sort of wire installations. The chaps were friendly too, explained everything I asked.
Got the JCO4032 dual-band router from Jio, firmware version: SRCMTF1_JCO4032_R1.12. Not sure if this one is a good model or not, but for me it works fine. Attaching some images for y'all:
Under installation

Wire they used

Wire spool

The speed tests are below. This is quite good for me considering I am coming from 24 Mbps down. Upload speeds are meh, but I don't need them much anyways so it is fine.

Singapore Server:

Via my new extender TP-Link AC750 (Model RE200)-This is nice considering it's an extender!

Via my WN3000RP extender (7-year old piece)

So, ending with some good things:
  • Prepaid connection is nice. Can choose not to pay for a month if I want to.
  • Speeds are nice, and no uptime till now. Though it is too early to say.
  • Price is better than Airtel anyday.
  • Range of the 5 Ghz band is quite decent
  • They carried 2 wires (black and white) and offered to install the colour as per my preference! This was nice. According to them, both are same, but based on the colour of the customer's walls, they carry both options to let the customer choose.
The bad:
  • I'm reading on the forum that I may not be able to attach my own router in the future. Strange. Might do a AP mode then if allowed.

If anyone wants me to do some speed/ping tests to servers, can help 🙂

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I'm surprised to see that the UL speed is very low. Ideally UL and DL speeds have to be the same - atleast 50% is reasonable, IMHO. You must ask JIO about it.
So I do have the STB but didn't get it installed. Have no need for it since they said the bronze plan doesn't have much on the STB. If I eventually switch over to the silver or above plans might get that installed too.

Surprisingly they said that the STB works on wifi, really?

Also, here's the speed test from my new router (TP-Link AC750):

Ah cool. Then i dont need it I guess since have 1 Chromecast and the other is an android tv.

Also, does anyone have any suggestions of the preferred setting that I should do on the Jio router? Like UPNP or anything? (For gaming purposes)
And does this router allow for channel changing?