Reliance Jio Fiber ONT Firmware Upgrades

It seems with firmware upgrade to R1.192

  1. users cant access to WAN settings
  2. there is no option to disable ipv6 all together.
  3. ipv6 DNS is till enforce even if ipv6 dhcp mode set to none.

please can anyone confirm this?
Which ONT model?
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Just got firmware update to my JCO4032 --- SRCMTF1_JCO4032_R1.39

And Jio has hidden a lot of settings in this latest update including DNS settings!!
Maybe all ISP's will follow this trend and we will soon have our own great firewall of China.
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Do we need to update it manually or does it get upgraded on its own? I am currently on Firmware Version ARCTF1_JCO110_R1.116 btw. So do you guys recommend to update it or should I leave it as it is?
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