replacing dth with jio fiber?

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Wired local-AirtelFiber
So requirements is usual star, Sony, zee, color and some news channels. Jio fiber offer OTT so is it possible to replace dth with their box?

How many live tv options are available and how easy it is to use for non-tech savy users?
If you opt for their 150Mbps plan, you can watch Zee, star, Sony channels and some other news channels as I have noted. It's not the regular JioTV which they have for phones.
The set top box comes with voice assistant button on remote. You just press that button and speak the name of the channel you want to navigate to.
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how easy it is use for elderly people? I guess those OTT apps should cover most common channels.
At first it might seem a little difficult than dth since there are no channel numbers to navigate. But once you get a hang of it, its very simple (as it is with every technology).

For more clarity about the content:
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I replaced Dth with Amazon Fire stick 4k+ Some illegal apps(ThopTv+OreoTv)+Some OTT apps+ BSNL FTTH.
You can use similar setup as well.

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If you're primary requirement is to replace dth why you're opting for 150 mbps 999+GST plan?
You are paying somewhere around 300 for dth and 700 for internet.You end paying similar or higher amount.
999+18% GST=1180rs/monthly basis which is 14150/yearly(If you choose this plan on monthly basis)
If you take yearly plan it will cost you 14150 for 13 months. 1090/monthly and 13060/yearly
You can save money by opting 100mbps or even 30mbps plan which is 471/monthly(including gst)
and 5220/on yearly basis plan.
google recommends 15mbps for 4k and netflix recommends 25 mbps.
You can opt for 30 mbps yearly plan which will cost you around 5220
and you can take individual yearly subscriptions of above mentioned apps
Zee5 club will cost around 365(Since you need only TV content)/Zee5 Premium is 499 for 5 devices(Yearly)
Sony Liv is 999/yearly
Voot is 499/yearly
News channels are free with Zee5 subscription.
and you can watch free to air channels for free.
This total package will cost your around 7200.
Which is almost half of 999 rs plan.
Similary you can choose 699 plan too.
Even with all these individual bundles and yearly 699 plan it will cost you around 11000/yearly.
You're saving almost 3000 here.
how easy it is use for elderly people? I guess those OTT apps should cover most common channels.
My 80 year old grandfather and 76 year old grandmother learned to use these things in 2 weeks.
they never used touch screen phone for their entire life.
So not that difficult.
@WandereR OP did not mention Prime
One can get Hotstar for as low as 199/yearly.
Hotstar is for 399 and Prime is for 999
Still saving money(considering 399/699 plan)
almost 1500 for 699 plan
almost 5500+ for 399 plan
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@noob thanks for your detailed explanation. Recharging for jio stb is not mandatory right? so I can get it now and if I don't find it useful I will recharge with broadband only plans that will also work right?