Samsung Galaxy S I9000 - Product Discussion & Initial Purchase Experience

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Yaar it doesnt matter to me really .all these scores and all.but i can say that phone is smooth just as it was after lagfix you told me on lag is not there at all on gb .but battery draining is like hell .its not my battery though as those stupid guys changed it but still i think its an issue .i am looking for a wayout on net.pls share if u find anything on this.other than that i have no idea yet.all in all gb looks good ,i really had no real faith on samsung service centre guys but they did good job and phone is working ok, apart from barttery issue.pls share any info on battery.Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
And biggest thing is that both download and recovery mode are working on my phone now. 🙂)Sent from my GT-I9000 using Tapatalk
so how do i update my Galaxy s ?? removing root and lag ?? direct update ??? i dont want to lose my data and apps... especially angry birds... it takes a lot of time to finish all levels in 3 stars...
guys plz shed sm light on how to update using sgs i9000 from FO to GB 2.3.4 using Stupid KIES.
i have kies installed 2.0.2.
and everytime i try to install the update ..evrytime it shows an error ki
cant download
server not responding
phone disconnected. plz reconnect
n phone detected
n all sorts of stupid reason to stop the firware download

how can i do it from kies. plz help me......
ppl have done it....i don know how...???

which ver have u used. m using the one downloaded frm>support>kies2.0.2.exe


and my phone runs on 2.2 froyo n half a month old. (no update on os or any sort of flashing/roting attmpted)