Server Disconnection/Timeout in Games, Internet Hangs on all devices new FTTH connection

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You should first try with see if packet loss happens on all IPs.
yes, when packet loss happens on TCP the packets are re transmitted. In case of games, this may result in timeouts.

If OT issue is resolved, I would like to put update about my issue again 🙂
Most devices and Laptop continue to have internet connection. But internet connection is lost on mobile and tablet when I try to install or update app from Google Play Store. After app starts downloading, internet connection is lost. But internet is working on other devices. I have observed this behavior almost 8-10 time on 2 mobile and 1 tablet. If I reboot router, connection is resumed, else connection is automatically resumed on that device after sometime.
Seems the problem is at bsnl end (4th hop)?
I think that just means that those routers have rate limited ICMP replies. If there was really packet loss on those hops, it should have been reflected in all further hops as well - as every packet from further on, transits through those routers to reach the OP.