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QUOTE(cyberwiz @ Feb 26 2007, 03:01 PM) [snapback]81280[/snapback]
didnt u read the other thread ? ..sanke has ladies in the exchange 😛[/b]

Well Said :lol:
And there are many like me who have virtual unlimited@2mbps so no worry[/b]
Can u plz elaborate that? If that is not possible, then u can Pm me🙂
QUOTE(mystery_inc18 @ Feb 26 2007, 02:39 PM) [snapback]81275[/snapback]
ur signature is annoying 😛 😛 !!!!!!!!!!! how do u end up with above normal speeds every damn time 😛h34r: 😛h34r: ??????? u're getting more than 2mbps :blink: :blink: .......kya yaar .....huh :huh: :huh:[/b]

oye ur senti posts are far more annoying 😛

sry but i read ur post today 🤔
QUOTE(GSV13 @ Feb 26 2007, 06:13 PM) [snapback]81301[/snapback]
Don't want everyone to see it 😀[/b]

ha..ha i know it..have taken a note of it..investigations are on 😛

^^^ By mistake i was using my own id & pwd (I changed it to test something and forgot) and my usage topped to more than 200 MB in a day (i only did surfing ) and i was having zero mb left will have to pay 200+taxes for a silly mistake. 🙁
well a little bit of FTP and some youtube also 🙂 Still i call that surfing only 🙁
hey, tell me this, does youtube run fine on mtnl 2 mbps???the time i had 2 mbps, it was even worse than 256 kbps... :wub:
i dont get more than 30kBps seeds when i do direct http downloading...... its a diff matter altogether when i use DL managers.and ya also had probs with youtube 😕edit: i do get more than than 200kbytes when using high speed ftps or torrents 🙂
QUOTE(coolbuddy_79 @ Feb 28 2007, 10:49 PM) [snapback]81641[/snapback]
hey, tell me this, does youtube run fine on mtnl 2 mbps???

the time i had 2 mbps, it was even worse than 256 kbps... :wub:[/b]

Well now runs it smooth like cream! Doesn't rebuffer even once and on google videos my DU meter shows like 2.2 mbps dl speed 😀
yeah youtube runs fine..sometimes during afternoons there is some stuttering..on the whole ok
im not getting full 2mbps download speed since yesterday.before that i was getting good speeds on http downloads and torrents, but dont know what has happened since yesterday. was downloading at around 60KBps on private tracker its even worse, getting about 45. 😱is anyone else getting low speeds since a couple of days? everything was fine the day before, was getting 210 KBps on link-removed and 160-170 KBps on link-removed!! 🙁can someone please help me out?