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QUOTE(cyberwiz @ Feb 26 2007, 03:01 PM) [snapback]81280[/snapback]
didnt u read the other thread ? ..sanke has ladies in the exchange 😛[/b]

Well Said :lol:
And there are many like me who have virtual unlimited@2mbps so no worry[/b]
Can u plz elaborate that? If that is not possible, then u can Pm me🙂
QUOTE(mystery_inc18 @ Feb 26 2007, 02:39 PM) [snapback]81275[/snapback]
ur signature is annoying 😛 😛 !!!!!!!!!!! how do u end up with above normal speeds every damn time 😛h34r: 😛h34r: ??????? u're getting more than 2mbps :blink: :blink: .......kya yaar .....huh :huh: :huh:[/b]

oye ur senti posts are far more annoying 😛

sry but i read ur post today 🤔
QUOTE(GSV13 @ Feb 26 2007, 06:13 PM) [snapback]81301[/snapback]
Don't want everyone to see it 😀[/b]

ha..ha i know it..have taken a note of it..investigations are on 😛

^^^ By mistake i was using my own id & pwd (I changed it to test something and forgot) and my usage topped to more than 200 MB in a day (i only did surfing ) and i was having zero mb left will have to pay 200+taxes for a silly mistake. 🙁
well a little bit of FTP and some youtube also 🙂 Still i call that surfing only 🙁
hey, tell me this, does youtube run fine on mtnl 2 mbps???the time i had 2 mbps, it was even worse than 256 kbps... :wub: