Sify Broadband Alternative client - probably soon

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Originally posted by Sushubh@Nov 26 2004, 06:27 AM
just making it a bit harder for any random guy to drop in there. same reasons for preventing googlebot's entry.

stopping the google spider certainly makes sense .... !
Am trying for days to enter there. Now I know the reason 😉 I am a new registration so i will try to enter there asap.
That link in first post was very helpful .I am trying to know sify authentication from some time and always thought what info is sent to login.php 😉
Well, if you want a windows client, i have one which is working.But i thinking about the legal angles of me release code and executable.

sify dont ban anyone from releasing an alternative client. the dialer does not come with any EULA.
just post the client. they cant do anything to ya . sushubh is rite they didnt evr mention anythin regardin there client or that the client is there property ,lol
Well you right that about one thing. It doesn't come with an EULA.I will release it on sf just as soon as i write up some documentation and make it presentable.
thnx a lot m8 just be sure to p@$$wrd protect the zip or rar file and give pwd to sushubh , so that sify guys dont take it.and sushubh can five the pwd to the users he trust 😛
well the unoptimised version takes about 17% less ram that the sify client.I have exams right now so cannot bring the memory requirement down.i won't post the file here - i will put it up at sf.
you mean sourceforge right? great idea. that would give a legitimacy to the unofficial client. we do need an indian developers group working on creating indian specific solutions. 🙂also, consider joining the forum. it helps in keeping uptodate. though there is also a rss feed. 🙂
I have a java client ready. Command line - very basic rudimentary stuff - but it works 😀 (and should work on all platforms)It takes about 6.9MB of RAM - that is if it has to keep running - this is an improvement from thier java client which occupies about 14MB, however, I don't have a gui (I don't see any point in one anyway - but might put one in later). From what I learned - you only have to keep the client running if you have that hearbeat crap enabled. Otherwise - it will just log you on and exit like a nice program. If heartbeat is "enabled" but does not run,your connection just dies after 15-30 minutes.I'll do whatever I can from the memory point of view - but I don't know how much I can reduce the memory consumption. Java client was programmed pretty fast (with all the cool libraries). So, I'll see if I can redo it as a standard windows program too.Stay tuned.