Sify Broadband Sucks

Originally posted by sify officer@Mar 16 2005, 12:28 AM
People please don't talk negitive to Sify
There might be many problems
Can you tell what u had enjoyed with Sify's servive
E.G.Good download speed,Uninterrupted service,etc...etc....
Please be positive
If u talk this(negitive) way it will lead to nothing but the shuttting of SIfy soon.

Hy Sify Officer,

I have been using Sify for a long Time now. Before it was good but sorry to tell you it stinks now.

Even their Unlimited Packages are useless since they have 150 MB maximum Download per day. If there are limits to download then its not suppose to be called Unlimited.

To get more clients they allowed good download for few days now they have shut off completely ...what a Cheater.!!! Worst part is their Switch...... it hangs every week and when you call Sify Customer care service the only respond you get is "we will check it next day".... and they dont turn up for 2 days :angry:

Infact the whole colony is making a switch from Sify to some other Good broandband Provider which doesnot have such limitations to download and have better customer service.

Sorry to tell you Sify Officer.... if this continues with Sify ... soon you will have to say good bye to old customers.

Let me give you an advice if you really want to do good business take this thread prinout and show it to your HOD of braodband and ask them to improve on the terms of what people have said. Thats the way you can stay in business and provide good service and by not just saying that sify is great.......

End Point the way i put it

Sify goes down in my list.....
Originally posted by sify officer@Mar 15 2005, 09:26 PM
I hear many users stating that the sify client automatically logs off
this is due to virus
its your job to keep your computer virus free ,not sify's job.This virus spreads thru LAN and if one system gets infected it spreads all LAN

Sify Officer I think you got your wires all crossed up......

Please call your customer care service and ask them y does the client keeps logging out ... the answer you will get it its automated by SIFY for every 10 minutes.....

now tell me where the hell did Virus came from.... Please think twice before posting... we arent born yesterday :lol: i got a good laugh though at the end of the day... thanx for it 😉 :lol:
Originally posted by kumar@May 18 2005, 02:23 PM
kareena                                                                                                  mms

Should Sify close down - yes yes yes. I have stopped using Sify broadband. I shifted as I know I will have to tear my head once the rains start so better to get out rather than have a slang match.Try BSNL Data One it is really good. Surprisingly good for a governemental organization. They were polite and helpful once the initial hiccups of registration and installation were done. They were thousand times better than Sify.This is from a person who was with sify for more than 8 yearsPrasanna
man i had put so much feeling in my post .you deleted it waaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11:'(
profanities generally come with a ban.

this has been a most interesting reading... thank u for the entertainment.. havent had this hard a laff for ages... if u hate sify soooo much y dont u just switch to a local cable operator in a group so u discounts... if he gives ya bad service threaten to switch back to bsnl or airtel or do u think i pay 800 bucks for my 300 kbps connection