Sify is cheating

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Hi all,I am a new sify customer from Hyderabad, salarjung colony. Here I want to share my experience with all u guys how they are making money by cheating. I took 64 kbps unlimited during night time from 10 pm to 8 am and rest of the times total download/upload limit is 150 mb. Last one month everything was going fine unless surprisingly I saw huge amount deducted from my account. In april-3 I logged in twice : 7-30 pm to 9-30 pm and 9-30 pm to 8 am. On the first log in time my balance was Rs. 304. But surprisingly on the second log in it came down to Rs. 174.It that two hour i.e. from 7-30 pm to 9-30 pm, my amount was deducted almost Rs. 130, whereas it that two hours I only surfed the net, there was no file download and upload.When I contacted to customer case they said it will be fixed within 12 hours. However today is 8th still I am waiting for their response.I am not expecting that sify will take care of this, but still I am writing to you guys to let u inform how sify is cheating with us. I suggest you people to record ur balance on day-to day basis, because anyone anytime can experience this type of thing .what u guys are thinking? is there any end?Thanks and regards,Arun
don't use sify broadband man.... they are cheaters
take any and i repeat ANY other isp. cancel the connection with sify. they have sucked and will continue to suck in the future.