Speed increase after cloudflare dns

2 days ago I put ipv4 and IpV6 cloudflare dns in my Alphion aont 1601 I noticed that my downloading speed increased by 10 Mbps while upload speed are remains same while and my upload speed never crossed 23 Mbps is now on 25-26mbps my plan is 849 600 gb. Can you test out in your router. My ip rage is 59.90..*
Corelation does not mean causation. It is just a coincidence because DNS does not affect your speed.

Unless the DNS server is returning different speed test server location for you somehow.
DNS does affect speed. With cloudflare and google dns my browsing speed of imgur is 2-3mb but with open watch dns my browsing speed of imgur goes up to 40mbps .
I too have noticed this, and i think that its mostly because of the different preferred server every dns returns. For me cloudflare and google somtimes gives different ip addresses for a same website. So i think that is where the difference lies.