TP-Link Archer C6 PPOE issue with BSNL FTTH

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Still Learning
I have just received the much awaited C6 from Amazon.
But it got a wired issue.
I have set the dumb ONT into transparent bridge mode and router usually work great after setting up my BSNL FTTH profile.

But,as soon as their is a LOS,the C6 won't initiate auto-connect.I have to go to the management page and click on connect.
It seems that I am missing something.Can I hope to get some help as it has got very frustrating since signal drop is common at my place,albeit for 2 minutes every 5 hours.
@Kick933 Is connection mode set to auto?
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I changed it to manual and set the value to zero so that the connection is always active.
The problem is really frustrating me as I have to manually reconnect 10 times in a row as there were frequent disconnections of supply in the house due to some tinkering by me....
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Could you pls show a screenshot of the PPPoE setting page?

Perhaps the C6 is not detecting that the link dropped, does it have any options for timeout and things like that?
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It have dropped the link.
Firmware is updated.
Each and every setting checked deligently.
I am gonna send screenshot soon.Currently on a walk to farm.
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