Unlock G-2425G-A router running on latest firmware

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Note: Tested for Nokia router G-2425G-A running on firmware 3FE49362JJIJ50.

Use this script to decrypt your configuration file. This script has been updated for latest firmware (3FE49362JJIJ50).


All the steps to decrypt the config files has been already discussed in other posts as well, kindly follow them.

1) After decrypting the config file, open the generated xml file in a text editor.
2) Search for TelnetSshAccount section and write username as ONTUSER and password as "anyrandompassword" (remember this password for future).
3) Enable ONTUSER to drop into busybox instead of vtysh by setting LimitAccount_ONTUSER to false. Go to LimitAccount_ONTUSER section and change that option to FALSE.
4) Encrypt the config file again using the same script and import in your router (remember to enable telnet in Security --> Access Control --> LAN).
5) Now use any tool to access telnet, I have used windows powershell (you can enable telnet in windows additional features).
6) In Windows PowerShell write; telnet --> o -->
Username: ONTUSER
Password: your password from STEP 2
7) Now in shell write ---> ritool set OperatorID ALCL

After this step you have enabled root access. Login to your router to check everything has been unlocked.

Now hard reset from back of the router is recommended to enable editing any WAN settings but before that remember to take a backup of your configuration and wan settings.

8) After hardreset the router's gateway will default to and username and password will change to AdminGPON and ALC#FGU respectively.
@Rehan ahmad I am getting the below error can you help me with this Please
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "C:\Users\xxxx\OneDrive\Desktop\Nokia-router-cfg-tool.py", line 119, in <module>
cf = open(sys.argv[2], 'rb')
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'config.cfg'
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Copy the config.cfg file into the directory which has the script, and then run the script with -u config.cfg
<LimitAccount_ONTUSER rw="RW" t="boolean" v="false"></LimitAccount_ONTUSER>
<CLIPrompt ml="256" rw="RW" t="string" v=""></CLIPrompt>
<DebugDyPass. n="DyPass" t="staticObject">
<Enable rw="RW" t="boolean" v="false"></Enable>
<PriKey ml="256" rw="R" t="string" v="MHcCAQEEIPFhltfHR9VfP7FzyghlodH7Vdrz341haJgLMREeejoAoGCCqGSM49AwEHoUQDQgAEiD2Krd2pb+t5hfqqOF3k1JEz+TIYA7EdLcHRjk0qv85umsCJSejJ"></PriKey>
<PassLen dv="8" max="44" min="6" rw="R" t="int" v="8"></PassLen>

Could someone please assist me in unlocking the Nokia 2425-G as described above, but then showing the ONTUSER password as incorrect?

Hey @Rehan ahmad ,
Can you help me to configure the bsnl internet with Airtel GPON modem ? i got the pon indicator working after changing the serial number in Airtel gpon to that of Netlink serial number. But still no internet and Somehow authentication is failing.
<TelnetSshAccount. n="TelnetSshAccount" t="staticObject">
<Enable rw="RW" t="boolean" v="False"></Enable>
<UserName ml="64" rw="RW" t="string" v=""></UserName>
<Password ml="64" rw="RW" t="string" v=""></Password>

Can you tell me what to change here? do I have to change "64" or something else?
I am unable to login . whenever i try to login via telnet it shows following error-

Login fail count since last successful login: 3
### login ####

####Login incorrect
Login incorrect

I am typing password correctly though it says Login incorrect. Please help
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