Upgrading to 1Gbps Plan and Offer (TataSky Broadband)

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I am upgrading to Tata Sky Broadband 1 Gbps plan. Ideally it costs ₹42,480 for 12 months. But for 2 days they are doing a Janmashtami discount offer where a random percentage of discount is applied ranging from 10% to 100%. I thought I would try my luck as minimum 10% is assured. But to my surprise, they told me that final amt I need to pay is ₹29,120 inclusive of 18% GST. (30% discount). It comes to ₹2,427 per month.

Anyone have experience regarding TataSky’s 1Gbps plans?

WhatsApp txt as received
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Not bad really...

Can you try single thread , I mean single connection mode speed test to a few international servers?
Single Thread:



US. West Coast

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Yeah I have 300 and 200mbps from bsnl and Microscan both use tata upstream and I also observe this kind of throttling.

This creates problems for things like linux updates which are single thread. Forcing to use tools like apt-fast to speed things up but still I get 80 mbps max to international servers.
Only torrent download get full plan speed...