Very slow speeds on 2.4 Ghz

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I have changed my plan from 50mbps to 100mbps. But for some reason I was not getting full speed, so I contacted LCO. He said there was no issue on my end and has been unable to understand issue for a week now. I thought it has something to do with low link speed( all devices were at 72mbps even though router says 300mbps).
So, I asked the LCO to change the router in case it is a problem with the router. He brought two routers, one single band and one dual. He tested the single band and still, low link speed, and actual speed around 40mbps. Then he put up the 5Ghz router. Similar issue. Link speed was even less at 2.4Ghz band (65mbps) while it worked perfectly fine on 5Ghz(link speed was 390mbps). Even he was unable to understand why. I still think it's an issue with the shitty obscure routers they provide. So I want to buy my own router and modem. If you are wondering why I simply won't use the 5Ghz, it's because they are charging extra for no reason even though it's an issue on their end and will be a waste of money. Moreover, the router has very bad range, can't even penetrate a single wall properly. If you have any good routers and modems (Total cost of around 4000) or any suggestions for a fix, please tell. I have tried almost everything such as 40Mhz, security WPA2 only, complete reset. Nothing seems to work.
Go for a TP-Link Archer C6 with a basic ONT. Should be under 4k.
Do not believe link speeds. In 2.4g band you will half half the speeds only. If link speed is 72 Mbps you will get well below 60 or 50 Mbps only. Similarly in AC1200 Routers the speeds wont cross 75 Mbps or so. It is a technical limitation.
@Xtinction Just purchase Archer C6 router from the above link shared by @Gokul Kannan if the ONU modem you have can be configured in bridge mode and you are getting speed as per plan via Lan Cable.

Attaching Bridge mode configuration from my Syrotech ONU.


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