2.4 GHz not showing for any device

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Jio Fiber
Hi, everyone. Hope you all are doing well. I just got my Jio Fiber installed a couple of days back but the 2.4 GHz band just doesn't show up for any device. 5Ghz works fine. The Jio Technician even replaced the router but still no luck. Tried router reset, changing SSID, password. The router is the latest blue one.

The 2.4Ghz showed up fine for a few hours on Day 1 & was working fine when I first got my connection but after that nothing. My TV only supports 2.4Ghz band so I need it anyhow.

Any help will be much appreciated.
Have you tried changing the wifi channel?
Yes, tried changing the channel to 1,6,11. Nothing. Just doesn't show. Also, tried enabling all the access points from the Jio Router settings page. 5Ghz bands show. 2.4ghz bands don't show.