Videocon d2h DVR with Blu-ray

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I recently spoke to the customer service center in my attempts to buy a DVR. Apparently, they are all out of DVRs and they are no longer in production, in anticipation of a new device which includes bluray.
Now, I'm confused by this, I know DirectTV/DishTV in the US, started broadcasting in 1080p and were advertising it as bluray quality. I'm not sure if videocon is trying to pull off a similar move, or is it gonna blow our minds by including an actual bluray player in it's box.
They were not allowed to give me any more information other than telling me it is coming soon. I'm assuming it should be launched pretty soon since the DVRs are no longer for sale (unless you find a dealer that has some units left)
Does anyone else have any info on this?
A Blu-Ray drive would probably double the cost of the set top box. I see no reason why they would go ahead with such a plan. People want cheaper STBs. And Blu-ray does not help in DVR functionality.
So apparently, the new stb will support recording via USB straight out of the box. Apparently, they tried updating their firmware to do this, but the firmware was very buggy, so the new box will come out tried and tested.
I still dont know, if it will be a new device altogether, or has Videocon recalled their devices for a firmware update from the factory and add some new packaging.
Also, I was told the DVR with Bluray rumors are not fully false, there are plans being discussed for such a device, but it will be later, once this new DVR stb is launched.
chromaniac said:
the post also states that the product is almost one year old 😀
I know I saw that too. I'm baffled that such a product has been in existence for more than a year, and yet we know little to nothing about it. It's like finding a rare bird in the wild, after only hearing tales of it's beauty.