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I have been using Tata Docomo for 2 of my numbers for a while now. The main reason I ported to Tata Docomo when I did, was the fact that my numbers are Mumbai circle and I was relocating to Pune for sometime. The home tariff in MH&Goa was a big plus.But a few months later I started using smartphones for both numbers. I find that Tata Docomo gprs connectivity is very poor with frequent disconnection.So now I want to port to some other operator who has decent data connectivity. Don't need great speed or large amount of data. Main use is whatsapp, but recently started using for skype to😵ne more thing; some months ago I started using the 59 pack for ISD calls to Canada at 1ps/sec. Was going well for a while until suddenly I got charged a hefty sum for a call. I then realized that the pack has a 450 minute limit which is not told when you recharge.Now the worst part about this pack is that the status of use does not appear in any balance request response or service message, leaving you guessing. A few weeks back, I ended up losing Rs 460 balance in a day because of this. So I have decided to say goodbye to TD and switch. The search is on for my new operator.
Sorry if my OP is not clear. I am looking for suggestions for a decent mobile operator in Mumbai who will offer me good enough service at a reasonable rate. There should be no data disconnection even if speed is not that great. 2G is fine.
I should also get home tariff and decent network performance in Pune.
The Vodafone mobile connection given by my employers works fine at both Mumbai and Maharashtra circle with home tariffs, with a free addon called 'Roam Like Home'. The data connectivity is good enough (both EDGE and 3G) and the network is currently the best here.
Idea has a better 3G coverage in MH circle.. even better than BSNL 3G.

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