What is unlimited?

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Jio Fiber - Truly Unlimited
Airtel provides unlimited bandwidth for 128kbps home plan. Why do they call it unlimited? I called upon a CC, but he and she refused to explain the unlimited bit. They kept on with their verdict that for residential lines, we provide unlimited uploads and downloads. I requested them to give me a number, a ball figure 10GB, 15GB, 20GB.. but they said its unlimited. Why? I wonder.

A little bit of calculation made me understand that at 16kbps, downloading every second of time for 30 days.. I can download approx 40GB per month.

Freak macha. So I called them up again and asked them do any of their "home" plans provide me to download 40GB per month. They said no. There are no such plans, but they can give me one of their unlimited bandwidth homeplan. Yet again I was put infront of that equivocal and ambiguous word, unlimited

I've been their customer since Jan.. and I never dared to cross 3GB per month. But I guess I'll take that chance now 😉

Thanks for those wonderful posts put in. 😀
with airtel unlimited means unlimited... our usage here is pretty high. never charged extra.
Excatly if they say its unlimted y are u asking for the limit...cudnt understand 🤔
Great. When they can afford to call it unlimited, why is 40GB a no? 😛

One of my friend works on the network side in airtel. He too, on a friendly note, said it is unlimited. You don't have to panic, we have enough bandwidth.
unlimited gives users a physcological peace of mind. i had be afraid to get myself a connection with a 40 GB limit...

they have made a mockery of the term unlimited. but they are serious about one thing. sify connection comes with unlimited pain.....
did not u read the forms when u filled them? i think they had it all. the website is pretty pathetic. i have no idea why some designers go all flash... totally inaccessible.