When is Airtel Fiber (FTTH) coming to other parts of Delhi?

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I got banned!
When is Airtel Fiber launching to other parts of Delhi?

Airtel has no courage to fight Jio and launch Fiber to customers who are 10-20 years old? Pathetic.
Aise dharam sankat me phasa hu.. Na Airtel chod sakta naa Jio le sakta.

Cant leave Airtel: Even the dead people have landline number because mobile number is unreachable at our house.

Cant take Jio: Because it's shit. It's shit. It's shit.

Routing of Airtel has definitely taken hit. Websites are loading slow on Airtel nowadays compared to past.
Acc. to Airtel local man ftth funds for our area(west delhi) got approved and it will take upto 1 year.

I was in same boat as you few months back.
Opted for excitel fiber(LCO supported) .... as reliable as Airtel vfiber not adsl(it was flawless).

For voice tested with all sims and ported to jio where atleast i was getting incoming calls n sms notification in whole house.... walk to window to talk.

Also registered few network related complaint but all in vain. Finally via some blog found this id & sent mail to sanjay.mashruwala (att) ril.com
got gew site visits, network optimisation in end he offered small rooftop tower installation (rent paid). was pondering on what to do.

In meantime vowifi got launched & everything got solved itself.
luckily everyone(except 1) got vowifi supported handset.
Made switch of last handset in jan sale and finally no landline required.
Got my airtel extra payment cheque also.
Excitel in my area is very shit. It was not working for around 25 days and they have still not fixed it properly now. (Very Poor Speeds) - Given Disconnection Request.

Airtel is fine and stable. But I need higher Upload speeds now because of work.

I had huge hopes from JioFiber and but then 1:10 Ratio came. Upload Speeds are poorer than Airtel in their 100 Mbps Plan.

Airtel gives me around 9 Mbps. JioFiber gives 6-7Mbps in their 100 Mbps Plan. It's not even 10% of what they commit for Upload Speed (10% of Download).

JioFiber Routing is not getting resolved no matter what. It seems they are not even working on routing issues anymore.

Jio WiFi Calling is not working properly for which I have already asked to many people here. I loose WiFi Calling as soon as I am in a room where Jio Normal (4G or 2G) is totally dead.
No. It's not available. I have asked them multiple times in last 2-3 years. But they have no plans in North Delhi.

A nearby area is getting Airtel FTTH in coming months like 1-2 months. But there is no news about my area.

Nearby area is 2-3 KMs from my home. That area is a popular market (many shops and banks) area.

But my area is non-popular residential area. though have somewhere around 1000 Airtel connections.
Airtel is continuously like 1-2 times per month throwing flyers (paper ads) which says Airtel Fiber with minimum speed of 100Mbps and Max as 1Gbps.

But, when I call the number, they say Airtel Fiber is not available. Max. speed is 40Mbps and It will come in 1-2 months. It has been the same story since September 2019.

Each time, there is a new mobile number, new sales rep.

What's happening?
Same here. But work has started here for fiber laying big machine is there in block mkt.
He said within 2 months it would be active.
@igloo Could you share some images of the work so that I can identify the same if something's happening in my area or nearby?

Also, What area are you from?