Which Used Car To Buy?

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I am on the lookout for a used car.I need some advise in this regard.My requirements are as followsI have been trying to find someone who can advise me,but couldn't do so till now.Diesel Sedan, From 2004 onwards,between 20,000-30,000 kilometers,Price range..maximum 5.5 lakh.Now i will tell you my doubts1.whats your opinion about tata indigo?.I heard that the car requires frequent repairs,the suspension is bad,the resale value is low and so on.Infact a friend advised me against buying a 2006 indigo lx with 13,000 kilometers.Sir is it true that indigo requires such frequent repairs?.I don't have much money to spend on such repairs. 2.Which is the best car available in the market which will satisfy my price range and will be easy to maintain and reliable. 3.How far can i compromise on the kilometers run and the year of make?How should i modify my requirements?