worst situation with Cancelling SD DTH

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Hello Friends! i dont know where to ask for help but i am in a small situation here.
The problem is my grandfather without knowing went to SD agent office and booked a SD instead of going to a Cable TV Operator.
Now the SD shop guy called me up and said that they cannot revert back the changes cause they say that they already paid for the 4 onths package even though i tried to talk out of it they say they cannot do anything..... what should i do???
My grandfather also gave the xerox for origianl proof.....
cant i cancel that.... how the hell did they subscribe without even getting the STB!!!
I didn't had any knowledge of my grandfather going to subscribe for cable operator otherwise i would have gone with him....
Please help me guys...Thank You
Its out of your hands now. They don't cancel the connection(even though they did not activate the connection yet). You better get the SD rather loosing money and connection

Sorry if my answer didn't help you but this is how reality is friend 😡