A Thread on Airtel's Uptime.

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For airtel, i was on Chandigarh gateway.
For jio , i wonder why is every person saying 24 hour thing. This never happened to Chandigarh gateway of jio.
how are you so sure that dhcp lease never expires on Jio?
Its not like PPPoE that you can check PPPoE uptime.

ALSO, there is no chandigarh gateway of Jio, you are on DEL.
It has been great in my case in PPPoE or Static IP. With the exception of the past few days when the when the reconfiguration or introduction of new gear by the NOC has resulted in a major botch up. Static IP down for 5th day now and no end in sight. These guys are running around in circles. I have given them 2 more days after which I will cancel it and go back to dynamic IP.

Except for some small breaks including planned ones their uptime has been excellent over the past 2-3 years. But then so has TPF. I don't have much to grumble about regarding uptime with these 2 companies.
if i ping to the gateway i am assigned on jio fiber, i get ping of 1-2 ms and this ping is only possible if gateway is situated locally.

if i was on delhi gateway then i will get ping to gateway like 6-10 ms (which i was getting few years back when delhi gateway was assigned to me when local gateway did not existed)

Ping of 2 ms from Chandigarh to delhi is not possible.
PPPoE on airtel, uptime: ~15days it doesn't go down until I restart the PPPoE daemon

@albonycal is absolutely correct. If there is some issue with local olt or congestion then only pppoe will disconnect/connect randomly. Otherwise it remains connected for months.
PPPoE has nothing to do with OLT. It is the BNG which handles PPPoE/IPoE. Unless someone unplugs fiber cable from OLT, there is nothing on OLT side.
So the user that is connected to faulty bng is having issues of disconnecting of pppoe sessions.

not everyone is having this issue. The thread itself is misleading as it shows that airtel is having more issues than any local isp.

the issue with some people here is more of localised one rather than a nationwide issue.
I fail to understand the purpose of such threads . Folks on this forum are obsessed with BNG, Gateway, BRAS concentrator etc. It doesn't seem to add any value to the discussion nor highlight any major problem. I am seeing this kind of discussion in every other thread since last few months, mostly from the folks who got banned 🤷🏽.
Airtel's PPPoE uptime is very good which is highlighted in a lot of threads, I don't see a point creating separate thread for it. Even if it resets after a certain interval of time, it won't affect majority of the users.