airtel speed jump: dec6, 11pm

"hello my brothers."ok whatever. saw that my airtel 128k home699 has suddenly jumped to 35-40k/s, from the normal 16k/ know what to do.🙂
curse u? 😀 or airtel?
thats probably bcoz airtel is going to double the speeds of the home699 n home 999 plans soon... so thay may be testing now....
Happens with all ISPs, nothing to get jumpy about...They open up their bandwidth for routine maintainance. Even the favorite ISP that you love cursing gave around 60-70 KBps on a 128k line. My friend has screenshots, will post them shortly...\m/Amogh
Currently, im getting 29 KBps download speed on my 128 kbps connection!
Even i got a jump from my previous speeds(28-34KBps )last night ,11 PM ,to around(50- 60 KBps) on my 128 kbps line while on azeurus ,not tested on my favorite IDM yet .I am sure IDM wud extract speeds in excess of 64 KBps .Edit: speeds are varying a great deal from minimum of 34 KBps to 60 KBps. Avg 46 KBps.I am sure its temporary ,must be testing something.
i have been getting a bump in speed so r few of my friends from the normal around 30k to around 60k from 11pm in the night till the time my system reboots due to damn power cuts. so till haen't figured out wat time the speed gets back to normal.will take a scrshot n post in the night 😛
whats the avg speed you get from a 128KBPS and 256KBPS line... from my 128KBPS... I am getting 25KBPS avg... I don't know if this is ok... but my friends using the same plan have diff speed... one has 18KBPS avg... another has 45-50KBPS... don't know man... I am confused...
you should be getting 16KBps on 128Kbps. For 256Kbps you should get about 32KBps. But they are theoretical speeds. You will prolly get 14KBps and 25-28KBps.