Airtel Xstream Reliability

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I've faced numerous issues in the past couple of months with my current ISP (Railwire) for its terrible reliability. It really affects day-to-day work activities like having exams, meetings, and other stuff. Now I am planning to switch over to other ISPs and would highly appreciate sharing your experiences with the Airtel Xstream Fiber. Thanks
What are your other options?
Depends on multiple factors. If it's a LCO then it would heavily depend on LCO. Though unlike BSNL and other providers, Airtel tightly controls everything even in LCO cities so experience is not much different. The support and downtime would depend on LCO.

It's still much better than alternative.
@SpaceRim it varies from location to location. You will have to confirm that with Airtel if they are providing net directly or via LCO. You can also ask nearby if anyone is using Airtel net.
I would still, anyday, rate Airtel far above the other ISPs including Jio.
Have faced very minor issues occassionally but apart from that it has been the best ISP till now.
I am being directly serviced by Airtel.
@Tejas01 thanks will keep in mind. In my locality, people are well with Jio with some minor.
Airtel has entered quite recently here so I'm wondering whether to go with it since many prefer Airtel over Jio here on the forum. But I am not able to talk to them directly over the phone. Upon calling there is no option to talk to a representative.

Railwire has improved their services in Assam lately. I am getting stable connection for a week without disconnection.
Airtel might be new in your area but it has been in the broadband domain for a long period than Jio. Also in future if you have issue with Jio connection, you can have a hard time getting your issue resolved.

Did you try 121? If there is Airtel care nearby, ask them to get you in touch with the sales guy. Or tweet them showing interest in Airtel fiber. They are pretty active on twitter.
My advice would be to try them all and see what works for you given you are from far away region of the country:
Try them on the basis of those with lowest upfront cost or installation cost--> If it works stick with it
If not --> try the next one with relatively higher upfront cost and so on.

Airtel experience atleast for last mile issues(low power , connection cuts, so on) depends on LCO only( So it would be better to get the personal phone number of LCO as contacting Airtel Support and then getting LCO to work on your case is time taking)

BSNL likewise is dependent o nyour LCO quality too, if you get a cooperative LCO, BSNL will also give you very good experience with some minor ping spikes here and there.

Don't go for JIO unless you have no option left(Given you needs I'm afraid JIO might disappoint you at some stage)