Bsnl Broadband Noida - Please Help

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1. Started out with Tata Indicom a year ago. 512 kbps/500mb. cost 450/month. Got sick of the down time and told them to take the connection off. Had bought the Billion USB modem from them.

2. Moved to Airtel. 499 combo plan with me landline 128kbps. Charged for pulse basis. Since the wife is keen on surfing during the day, thought of getting BSNL to check my costs. Airtel supplied a beetle 220BX Free of Cost.

3. Have now changed the Airtel to the Billion modem - was easy, just changed the 0,35 to 1,32 and bingo.

4. Guy came form BSNL to connect. This is where the fun starts. I decided not to pay for Modem/installation cost. Took a fresh line from BSNL box to my study, used a splitter and was not able to get a link light on modem. Configured the modem per instruction from this link
No luck.

5. Called the guy again and he arrived promptly - he had forgot to request for link to be provided. He got the link on by making a few calls. Modem still not able to dial out. He changed to his modem and bingo - got connected to Google. I requested him to help with the Beetel and he just said sorry - I can not help you with your modem and left. While he was away to use the washroom, I punched the on HIS modem and saw at least 4 services running in bridged mode. Copied the details - put them on the Beetel and was able to connect to BSNL (Log-in sucessful).

Now, I am able to get a Ok for Skype (turns green) but no web surfing or MSN messenger login. Called the chap up again and he said some back-end problem.
Need urgent help. The MSN connectivity wiz says something wrong with DNS. I am using the DNs details given by the BSNL chap (can not recall since connection is at home).

generally & are used as DNS servers for BSNL Dataone . you may try & ...