BSNL Experience Unlimited BB 249: 1mbps unlimited (2mbps for 1st GB) for six months for Rs. 249

I got the new connection after 2days of disconnection of my old bb and now using 249rs plan on my phone añd if they are denying take connection on different name
@Shivam15 I was asked if I have my own instrument and I said yes. So I did not need to pay Rs.600. So, I paid 500+249=Rs.750.
Yesterday i made an enquiry at nearby exchange and they told me the same thing.
Why 500 more when it clearly mentioned..One month charges as deposit and installation charges waived off

I got my first bill. It has installation charges of Rs.600/-.

Is it OK?

Not OK. According to this:

"Installation charges shall be waived off during promotional period"

Did u ask them about the additional 600 they charged you on 1st bill?
My sister got this connection during promotion and she was told this is security deposit for landline 500 & broadband 249..
Landline security deposit is one month's rent. Thought it is ₹ 249 plan, they might be charging you ~ 499, which is the actual plan rate.
Which sound right when you count it as 499 ( 500 ) + 249

Yes. One month's rent. It is actually discounted ₹ 499 plan.
My wife decided to get herself this connection even though I warned her about bsnl stellar quality. So it worked for two days and now the modem light is glowing red and I'm supposed to go 'get' it fixed :'(
Thats why you dont get married hahah JK. Call the customer care before going to exchange. Also at the time of installation you must have gotten a number for your exchange where you can complain about it directly. Also from your landline dial 198 and register complaint BB not working that is option 2.