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Hi..Today I am facing slow spped in Data -one. Pages are taking atlest 10 times longer time to open. Is anybody facing the problem.sanjitcx
Why react so fast ?Seems like a temporary problem...Even I am experiencing it...but hoping to be rectified soon.:lol:
Thanks friends for the feed backs. Now the speeds seems to be alright. You all are right, it was a short time problem.Agnivo- react so fast?Pl. tell me then what is the use of having broadband and having such nice, co-operating friends like you. The main reason for my reaction was since the service was down in the last week and you must have heard the bangla proverb "Ghare pora goru (cow) sindure meg dekle darai.

Hmm...the proverb is familiar and fits well here.U are right in some fashion...I must say.I think u can SMS me to confirm whether the service down here, in future.PM me for phone no.Cheers,AR.
1 month se upar ho gya hai,meri bsnl broadband speed night time 02:00 to 08:00 slow(320 kbps) ho jaati hai,aur morning mein phir se theek ho jaati hai(1:5 mbps)kayi baar bsnl walon ke paas ja chuka hoon but koi fayda nahi hua ,jabki ere area mein baaki logo ke broadband service theek chal rhi hai