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How is the forum performing for you wrt speed?

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i am still looking for the relevant settings for username changes. logs are kept i believe. profile should show old usernames for a while iirc. would find out when people use that setting. haven't really gone through all the new settings in backend. still turning on new features available in 2.2 one by one!
someone do, apply for a name change lol. i have to see how/if it works. i would revert back if the change is not desired.

you can see old usernames.
30 day gap between username change. i could increase this eventually.
no one can reuse a username for a specific period (one year configured right now).

it's a feature some people do need. i get like 2-3 messages for name change every month. so this takes care of that. there might be some who might change it every month. we can extend the period if that becomes a problem.

btw. there is also a new feature similar to discourse. Forum would send you mail with recent activity if you have not visited in a while. It can be enabled/disabled from here. Am yet to configure it. But it would only start working 2 weeks from now.

xenforo developers have been really careful about this from what i have read. it is paused by default for everyone. but activates if user visits AND has emails from admins enabled iirc. so people who do not visit would not get them unless they login at least once.
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I am getting voting box next to replies. But only getting the vote option in the threads that I have created, no such vote option in other threads.
so basically xenforo now has multiple type of threads. articles, questions, polls and suggestions. i have been converting threads that appear to be questions to question format... this is a manual process. when you start a new thread, you should get an option to pick the type of thread you want to post? if you aren't i would have to check why it's not happening... 😕


question threads have the option for users to vote on individual answers. thread starter can mark one of the posts as a solution which might have the answer he is looking for. articles are basically articles. suggestions are only available as dedicated forums where people can vote for suggestions. i made a test forum here: Suggestions i do not really have a use for it so just to play with it.

so, if you land on a thread that appears to be either a question or an article, just report it and i would convert it. when starting new threads, pick the right thread type in case you want those features.

i have not enabled all thread types in all forums. had to do it manually for all forums so i might have made a mistake. report here if you think something needs to be fixed.

I made this thread an article: Oracle Cloud's Lifetime free services (2 VPS + more) | Technology you can see that the first post now appears a bit different and is visible on all pages. This is designed to appear like a blog post basically. Suited for announcements and well articles!
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kind of annoying when it steals your clicks from email alerts behaving like a native app. a bit slower to load compared to a plain browser window.
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