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Yay. Hotwire has some new plans and I'll be upgrading very very soon. Check it out at 256 unlimited is 1350 rupees which is still pretty good if you ask me. As far as hotwire service goes, it's hardly down and always getting top speed. You guys should check out and I recommend Hotwire to anyone, if of course Airtel is not available. I just upgraded today and it looks nice. 🙂
U can never generalise with these local cable ISP's coz they are dependant on CTo'sMy CTO could never provide stable connectivity to hotwire was & still remains crap for me
That's true. My CTO knows crap all about connectivity and it sucks. That's why it's always good to get it directly from the source.
Well it's in gurgaon actually, close to qutub enclave. Since Airtel has not come inside here yet. I believe they are updating their website, and technically I'm only paying the CTO a 100 bucks extra. So really I'll be paying 1350 to him, nothing more for 256 kbps, not 192. They are doing some upgrades so lets see. HOWEVER, if they even try to go back to their original plans, they can kiss my butt.