How to get 5GHz speed through ethernet cable?

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Hi everyone!

I am using Jio Fiber JCO4032 modem (dual band). It's perfectly fine with mobile and laptop when I connect wirelessly. But when I connect it through an ethernet cable to my pc, I get the speed of only 2.4 GHz frequency, i.e., it automatically connects to 4G and not to 5G
Can anyone pls tell how to get 5G internet speed through ethernet cable?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You!
It all depends what speed Ethernet port will support.

I think you can’t do much here if hardware restriction is there.
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Check what type of port you have on your pc is it 10/100 or 10/100/1000.
Use another port on router.
Use another lan cable.
You should get atleast 80% of your promised. My neighbor has the same plan speed & gets 135mbps on wifi & was told 'Its ok'.
@lucifer I think the jio jokers are using such terms because my friend also was told such BS.
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V true but for the uninitiated what the jio jokers say would be assumed to be true. My friend was conned into surrendering his existing jio connection which had a dual band white router to the 150mbps plan which has a blue dual band router (mentioned in another thread) and he was handed out BS like he will get '5G speeds' with new devices. 🤦‍♂️He fell for it hook line & sinker.
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