Is airtel going to introduce dataone like plans?

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I am an irritated customer of hathway, they banned me because exceeded the download limit of 3gb(for 3 months😡) but continued to download gigabytes of data during the 10hr free period from 11pm to 9am. I want to shift and as I am already having airtel telephone, it seems to be a logical choice except nothing is mentioned about unlimited downloads in the night. Dataone offers free form 2 to 8 and assuming a conservative speed of 1mbps, you can still download a lot. The unlimited plans are okay except 256kbps in 24 hrs is equal to 1mbps in 6hrs so it really isn't worth the money. Also I heard that they offer double speed in the night(seems logical, a lot of bandwidth will go waste in the night). Is this a random feature as mentioned in the posts or do most customers get but just don't about it as they are sleeping? From the website I gather there is no upload limit, so I can seed torrents during the day which I can't do in dataone? So which plan do I choose from this list.
I am currently looking at 925 combo(assuming optimistically it has night time free download) and unlimited 999. Any other suggestions? one last questions, If I use my connection only for legal stuff, say heavy browsing downloading free software(no linux distros!), games, legal mp3's, streaming media etc., will 3gb per month be enough? I am asking this because the cheat hathway will charge 20-25 mb for about 1 hr of browsing and I think they keep pinging my ip or something because if i just keep the modem on for about an hour or so doing nothing , it registers 3-4 mb in their site.

I just called up airtel and guess what, they are planning to introduce a new slab based plans from september. It's a little confusing and the sales guy was not very sure about the details but from what I understood it goes like this:-

[*]The download speed now is determined by the amount of data transfer you have done. There are two seperate download limits, one for daytime and one for night time. The only plan the guy knew about was with a download speed of 1mbps for the first 3gb of data transfer, 512 kbps for the next 2gb and 256kbps for the next 1gb during daytime. The night time(11-7) offers double speed and double data transfer as above.
[*]If you exceed the 6gb limit during daytime you have to pay 200 rs/gb extra downloaded and your daytime speed will be capped to 256 kbps. During night you will still have to pay 200 rs/gb but connection will be capped at 512kbps. I am not sure whether 1mb extra and 999mb extra will mean the same thing in terms of payment and the sales guy was'nt too clear either.
[*]The biggest advantage in this plan is that they are going to start a website from which you can download at full speed and without counting in data transfer. You can request for files posting a link to the file in the forum and one of the admin's will check out the file and if the file is legal he will make it available in the website. Obviously, this rules out all torrents and only direct downloads of legal stuff are allowed. This way I can download latest multi gigabyte game demos and linux distros without the metre ticking.
[*]The plans will come under slab 999, he did not know the details of the phone connection but who cares.
[/list]I feel this plan is a nice step from airtel to combat bsnl's plan and I think airtel will be able to provide nice speeds for all users with the slab based plans. I hope they launch it in chennai soon!
Must be a very creative sales guy !! If only he had the capital
plans with any sort of download limits suck! 200 bucks for extra GB is a joke.for the time being 999 plan with unlimited transfers is the best one imo
quite innovative if this is true!! The only thing is that it's somewhat lame to request for downloads, but I can understand their mentality. If they are willing and able to give you legal file downloads for free, then you shouldn't whine about data caps. It's a very interesting approach, but unfortunately it sucks a whole lot because Airtel then starts playing big brother to your downloads.
Well I don't mind as long as night time Unlimited and Double speeds are there! And BTW will they keep an eye on wht we download? I mean my whole HDD is dependant on torrents.. If they gonna block torrents then I better shift to some low Data cap plans like the 400MB/month plan coz then I'll have to check mails once a day without any downloads! 😀

I think they might use some traffic shaper rather than keep an eye on what we download. Its not their responsibility to make sure their users only download what is legal..If they introduce an internal downloading site like the one OP was talking about..then of course they would limit the usage of the site to legal downloads.
But wouldn't that mean extra money+infrastructure+labor for Airtel guyz? I suggest they better improve last mile connectivity and provide FTTH rather than screening what users download! 😛
The more I think about it the more I feel that even people who only download legal files will not like this. God know how long they take to respond to 'download requests' and imagine having to plan your downloads in advance!!! :frown:If this happens, I will stick to my Home 999 plus, or otherwise leave Airtel.
Well what if I wanted to download another guy's file? Suppose Me and X are there, I ask the Airtel guyz to download a Direct link for some software1 and Mr.X asks for software2! If I wanted to download software2 is it possible? What if I wanted to download videos from YouTube? I mean if they are gonna use forums to achieve this then I guess it'll be a hectic task. Imagine one big Forum for Appz, Drivers, Music, etc. and sub-forums would be for North, South, East and Western states each pointing to a different server that's within the closest proximity. Will this really happen? Is this possible? Does anyone know of any city/country that has this kind of plan? I'm confused! :huh:
Well I called the CC and they have no clue wat so ever about any such plans being launched in the recent really dont know whr did tht Airtel marketing guy get this info...atleast its not happening in Delhi NCR...
Typical Airtel Marketing strategy... I dunno why they have such lame guys marketing their product? :wall:
Might be... but it sounds good.. I've been getting speeds like 1.5Mbps now!! :yahoo:

Click Here!

Awesome!!! 😀

At night time the speeds are low... but during daytime they double! 😕
At night I get my regular 512kbps (I checked on torrents so no solid proof!) and again boom I get 1.6Mbps today! :yahoo:

Click Here if you can't see the image!