Is Rs2000 enough for a descent Android TV Box ?

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I am going through a very bad financial phase. I am really short in cash. In October this year I am planning to buy an Android TV Box online. Can you tell me if it is possible buy a good Android TV Box for Rs2000 ?
By "good" I mean good (HD/1080p) picture quality and if it works for at least 5 years I will be more than happy.
When suggesting kindly include the link.
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Amazon prime day sale was supposed to start later this week but has been postponed till August/September. U can get firestick for around 2.4k during that period. Even otherwise, continue to lookout for deals on Amazon.. Good Luck!!
I have not used an Android tv box so cannot comment on how good or bad it is.
I have been using Fire tv 4k stick for almost 8 months now and cannot complain. No issues so far. Apps open in a flash, voice remote is
awesome, and 4k content is excellent. Good part is it hides away behind ur tv, and no one will even notice...
Android tv box is made by number of manufacturers.. The following reviewer has compared firestick to Mi Android box which you may read....
There are other reviews on youtube too which may interest you....


Android TV box is better than stick....... but more expensive too....

The opinion given in the video are not totally correct..

I am using Nvidia shield, Mi box(of my cousin) and BeeLink...... i would prefer Beelink anyday and also find better than Mi Box. I paid Rs.3850 for Beelink in 2016 and same for Mi box in 2019.

You can install YouTube Android TV version and play 4K.
my experience with shield is not particularly good. The mic in the remote for voice search is not working as well as the volume slider on remote..... after a software update, only few months after it was bought.....

Any idea where I can get a spare remote
I got the 2017 edition from a few months before 2019 edition launched, should have waited. Get the new remote from the 2019 edition from there but the price can be a bit crazy ($69.99). Personally I don't use voice much and the volume slider is fun as well as annoying.