New MTNL Fiber Broadband Plans (June 2021)

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TataPlay & Jio
The self-care portal is showing upgraded fup of 3900 GB on my plan. Earlier fup was 1000 GB. Main site not yet update. Hope they upgrade speeds tomorrow as well. Self-care portal now has banners "Ab Speed bhi aur dam dar bla bla"

Seems like asleep giant dwarf has finally woken.

I am wondering if I should get the CG-NATed Tata Sky Broadband or continue with Pure Dynamic IPv4 of MTNL with no site blocking?
Are there really any takers for MTNL services in 2021? 😳

Since it is under BSNL now most of the plans would be similar.
I tried so hard for them to setup fiber in my area, it was less than a kilometre and many people would have taken it given WFH and the incoming of second lockdown. But they didn't.
Doubt they will find much takers..
Yup. I got a plan change notification and now Plan FUP is actually showing 3900 GB. However they continue with trashy 10 Mbps upload speeds and cannot give more than 100 Mbps speeds according to a highly placed guy I spoke with today.

He said a new plan will be introduced shortly Rs. 1499 100 Mbps symmetrical download/upload and 3300 GB Data. But it still loses out to similarly priced plans from Jio / Airtel / Tata Sky as they all give 300 Mbps in same price. Some 699 and 999 plans will also be introduced which will give lower symmetric speeds. Existing customers will continue to get 10 Mbps upload speeds unless they change their plans.

Let's see what actually shows up on
Good they updated their plans, it was about time. More depends on how is their performance and support. An ISP is good if it's supports is equally receptive, have faster resolution periods.
Disappointing plans indeed. Cannot give greater than 100 Mbps speeds in 2021 when competition is giving far greater speeds and better fup.
New symmetric upload/download plans introduced from 1st June


When you have Rs. 1499 per month 100 Mbps upload/download Unlimited (3300 GB FUP) plan available, Why the fusk do they have Rs. 2000 plan with 3900 GB Limit? On Rs. 2000 plan, upload speed is limited to just 10 Mbps anyway. LMAO these guys !!

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I would say, it's a start. When they realise that they are not getting much subscribers or revenue, common sense will play in on analysing what their competitors are doing.
Safe to say the above mentioned provisions will continue for a year.